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Sports ARE Entertainment

Today, after almost five years, an activist group claims that El Pasoans didn’t know what they were voting for. They say that “sports” was not mentioned in the Bond proposal language of Proposition 2, and sports is not entertainment.

We believe El Pasoans knew exactly what they were voting for.

But this activist group is delaying the construction process and costing the taxpayers a great deal of money.

know the facts about the El Paso Arena bond

Here Are The Facts

In 2012, 71.67% of all votes cast in the Quality of Life Bond Issue referendum said YES to Proposition 2. That’s over 100,000 El Pasoans who voted FOR a downtown arena that could host many events, including sports.

During the time leading up to the Bond Election, sports was repeatedly mentioned to the public as part of the variety of entertainment options that a downtown multi-purpose facility could attract. NCAA Regional Finals were mentioned, as was the wording “sporting events”, plus many other examples, such as boxing matches, gymnastics, and volleyball.

Learn the facts about the El Paso arena

After 5 Years, Nothing Has Been Built. Why?

A group of activists first claimed that the proposed site for the arena should not be used. They claimed that the site had “historical significance.” But after that argument failed in El Paso and then in an Austin court, the same group took on another tactic, saying voters were deceived because “sports” was not mentioned in the bond language.

These tactics are to delay the construction of the arena. This is costing the taxpayers a significant amount of money. The longer it is delayed, the more it will cost.

Sports are inlcluded in Arena

Multipurpose Means Multipurpose. Including sports.

We think El Pasoans already know that MountainStar Sports Group is committed to Downtown renovation and revitalization. Every great city has a great Downtown, and we want to continue El Paso’s progress and momentum in improving our Downtown area.

We need sporting events as part of our Downtown Multipurpose Facility, and part of a vibrant, exciting Downtown for El Paso.

Multipurpose means for multiple purposes, including sports.

Let’s build an arena for ALL El Pasoans.

El Paso, your FOR vote in Nov. 2012 should be honored.

Speak up.

Show your support , contact the Mayor and your City Council representative, and let them know you support their efforts to construct a downtown multipurpose arena.

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   Show Your Support